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Hello, I'm Cara and I'm new to the site. I joined because I love web design, but I just need some help when it comes to writing CSS which is what I really need to develop my website. I also thought this seemed like a pretty good site with a lot of active members to get along with. :)

Is there anything a new member needs to know about apart from the forum rules, such as tips and things you like to see from a member like me?

Thanks for your replies!


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Hi Cara!

I am not the admin or site owner or anything, but I really like this site, too! I am not really sure if there is anything else you need to know, but you should definetly check out the templates on this site. They can also make you a custom template, too, for a very cheap price!


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GrausenMausen SWS
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Hey Cara,

you can contact TheUnbrokenSpirit, if you need help. He knows a lot about web design and CSS codes. I'm sure he can help you.


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Hey Cara!

Nice to meet you! You can take a look at the webpage:

Learn > Tutorials > WebDesign Tutorials (http://www.sherworkstudios.com/tutorials.htm)

Here is a link for a tutorial about CSS: http://www.sherworkstudios.com/apps/blog/show/11412706-design-your-css-webs-com-website

Happy to help! :P



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welcome to SherWorkStudios


 soon waveflip.com!!!

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Webs Toolbox
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Thank you for the warm welcomes and the handy links everyone :D


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 Hi i'm Vȋϸɇʀ and I'm new to SherworkStudios, I want to make some cool graphic images and animations. Can someone make one for me?


http://glennster.webs.com/backround2.gif";) repeat scroll 0% 0% transparent;">Poisonous-Viper

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