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Lighting source - Sherwood avatar

Posted by Harvesteri)SWS on January 15, 2012 at 2:55 PM

Hello! I'm gonna be teaching you how to add a lighting source to a sherwood avatar, such as this:


View full size here


Ok, so first of all, open up any random sherwood render + GIMP. Now, after opening it, open the layer's dialog box (cntrl + l). Now hold down cntrl + shift + n, and click 'Transparency'. On this new layer mode, change it to 'Soft light'. Now get a white brush, and change it to the 'Circle fuzzy' brush. Then brush over the parts you want to add a 'light' tone to. Then do the same process, but change the colour from white to black, and after doing it you might want to lower the opacity of that layer down to something like 55.0.

Hope this helps! Please reply on this blog post if you need further help, or add my msn at [email protected]!

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