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Wanna design a Logo? What to note?

Posted by SherWorkStudios on February 1, 2012 at 12:20 PM Comments comments (2)

Let´s start with the question "What should a logo do".

A logo refer to a company, product, institution or a product. The logo is your deputy and should work  representative. It should be simple, that everyone could remember the logo.


 There are different ways to create a logo. I think best way, is to try and find your own logo. Here are some tips that professional site designer use, when they create a logo.


1- Is the logo representable in 3D?

2- If you reduce the size of the logo, will it be good to read?

3- Looks the logo by enlargin still good?

4- Can you put a black/white stroke around the logo? (Important for news paper)

5- Are really necessary colors used? (If you print the logo, you don´t have to pay much for color)

6- Do you note your logo when you watch it spontaneously? (Eye catcher)

7- Does the font on your logo fit to your company or product... what ever.

8- Is the logo legally unassailable competitive? (IMPORTANT)

9- Do you recognize the logo from distance?

10- Do you recognize the logo quick?

11- Do you remember the logo easily?

12- Is the logo contemporary?


You could use following programms to create your own logo:

  • Gimp
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Paint.NET


Of course you can use other programms as well!


If you got a question, feel free to ask!

How to make a 3D palm

Posted by GrausenMausen SWS on January 30, 2012 at 11:15 AM Comments comments (4)

Program: Model Editor (of Game Studio A8 )

In this tutorial I will show you, how to create a 3D palm.

1th step: You need to create the sheet of the palm.
click on the button ''Cube'' for the foundation and mark one of the two edges, and make it longer.
  For this you need to use the button ''Move''. Then you mark one of other the two peaks again and make it spiky
with the bottom '' Scale''

  Then it should look like this: (Preview)

2th: For the stem of the leaf you need create a long cylinder which looks like this: (Preview)

3th: Now you add to each individual leaf to the stem. Please note, you just need to edit 1 side of the stem..
  The other side of the stem is made by adding a copy, which looks like this: (Preview).
  You could make the leaf oblique, so it looks more realistic. (Preview)

4th: The trunk! The trunk is made by any shape. In my palm, i used a cylinder.

5th: Now connect the leaf to the trunk, and finish!!!!

How to do an Animation (.GIF)

Posted by SherWorkStudios on January 20, 2012 at 4:30 PM Comments comments (3)

How to do an Animation (.GIF)

So what is a gif?


A gif is a picture that moves, like you see on the picture above. Looks hard to do but is quiet simple. All you need, are a bit photoshop skills and fantasy. 


A gif is made by many pictures, that are shown in a quick time. Do you know what a flipbook is? if not check this video please:



And a .gif likes the same, just made on the computer. You can use it as paint. You can start with something like in the video shown above. Something easy. 


If you got your pics ready, download Easy Gif Animatior or another gif. animation programm. Paste there your pictures, and choose how long a picture should be shown. I mostly use in my animation that a picture will be shown every 0.15-0.05 second


Here is a little video tutorial made by Grausen Mausen how to do an animation:



If you got questions, feel free to ask!

How to make a 3D axe

Posted by GrausenMausen SWS on January 16, 2012 at 9:05 AM Comments comments (1)

 Here you see a simple 3D model, which you can create by using: Model Editor (of Game Studio A8 )

Lets start: Open Model Editor and create the sheet of the Axe. Click the button ''Cube'' (Picture1) to create a square.
Then mark one of the four sides of the square.
Now click on the button ''extrude'' (Picture2), a new window should open now, with the name''Extrude Distance.''
Now feed in ''16.00''.

Now it should look like this: (Picture3)

Next, you form a trapeze with the button ''scale'' (Picture4)  -› (Picture5)
With the button ''Move'' you can change the shape of the trapeze.

Now you repeat this procedure, and form a axe.

Here is a picture of how you do it:


Click on the button''Vertex Mode'', now you can put the axe in a better shape.(Picture7)

The axe has a thick form, but that can change with the command ''Vertex Mode''.


Now we have to do is the handle of the axe. You only need the button ''cylinder'' to form a long stem.
Now connect these two models, and FINISH!!!

Feel Free to ask questions!

Lighting source - Sherwood avatar

Posted by Harvesteri)SWS on January 15, 2012 at 2:55 PM Comments comments (0)

Hello! I'm gonna be teaching you how to add a lighting source to a sherwood avatar, such as this:


View full size here


Ok, so first of all, open up any random sherwood render + GIMP. Now, after opening it, open the layer's dialog box (cntrl + l). Now hold down cntrl + shift + n, and click 'Transparency'. On this new layer mode, change it to 'Soft light'. Now get a white brush, and change it to the 'Circle fuzzy' brush. Then brush over the parts you want to add a 'light' tone to. Then do the same process, but change the colour from white to black, and after doing it you might want to lower the opacity of that layer down to something like 55.0.

Hope this helps! Please reply on this blog post if you need further help, or add my msn at [email protected]!